BTB Episode 3

Exciting news. The third instalment of the podcast is up.

This one is slightly better but it’s not easy going. This podcasting lark actually requires some effort. We’ve had four episodes we’ve had to bin for technical issues, including one where Steve Jabba called in from Poland. We all like doing it, but we’re beginning to realise it’s not as simple as just sitting down and turning a mic on.

In this one, Johnny talks about the drawbacks of analysing every set and why sometimes you should stop worrying and just push on. Less think more do. 

I’ve now recorded a podcast where I talk about not letting a relationship make you beta, as per demands. It’s an interesting and valuable topic, not that I have all the answers, but it’s certainly something I have some insight into.

I’ve got so many top lads wanting to come on the podcast and talk lad talk, we just have to work out the technicalities so we get a good sound quality. Some real treats, some of these lads.

Before we get to these though, we’ve still got a few episodes in backlog to get through.

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