Pickup Starter Pack

Often it goes I’ll have a student with me a couple of day and they’ll be nodding along to these things I say so I’ll assume they know all the basics, because they’re not that bad in set and they’re seemingly up to speed with all the basic theory.

Then I’ll say something like ‘remember you need sensible moments to ground the interaction and have a chance to drop some attraction spikes’. Then they will ask me ‘err, what’s that mean exactly’. Or they’ll say, ‘what’s this stacking you keep talking about’, or ‘girls seem to like it when I act a bit disinterested, why is that’?

Now ten years ago everyone in pickup got into pickup through the Neil Strauss book ‘The Game’, so all these basic theory type questions were well covered. The average pickup guy knew probably a lot more than thee average guy today.  Nowadays, a lot of guys just find a forum online or see a few bad infields on YouTube.  These guys know little about pickup as a discipline with rules and reasons, they just think the forums and infields are guys chasing girls and sharing stories.

That’s why I decided to do a little pickup 101 series. It’s the basics. Don’t get butt hurt if you read it and already know it.  These are the game fundamentals for those who don’t know them.

Basic night game method.

Basic day game method.


Slut Spectrum (r/K), how to test it, how to work with it.

Date Game

Maybe Jimmy’s favourite routines.

So enjoy my little series. Or… just go and read the Mystery Method.