I have hit upon the idea going forward to have people leave coaching reviews in the comments section below.

Unfortunately, I had this idea after having coached hundreds of people, many for free. So for a while this page may look a little bit sparse. However, you won’t have to look very hard to find many genuine people who will vouch for me. I’ve been around a long time.

Don’t bother trying to troll me in the comments here as all comments have to be authorised by me before they go live. If you want to troll me, I’m up for it, just use one of the other pages and I’ll probably allow it.

If you want to find out more about my coaching offer, contact me jimmyjambonepua at gmail dot com

My rates are:

£50 an hour remote. £62.50 an hour in person. 30% off for bookings of 40 hours or more (week long residentials basically).

One comment

  1. After a three year hiatus from daytime I was back in beginner territory and was relying on state and luck to carry me through the process. I felt that I didn’t have much control over my results and my feel for the daytime model needed to be relearned. I booked myself in for four coaching sessions with Jimmy between August and October.

    Jimmy was brilliant and quickly identified my sticking points and offered clear and creative advice on how I could improve things. With his experience he was a great resource to bounce ideas off and was able to guide me on sticking points off the street such as text game and managing leads. I’m still nowhere I want to be but the sessions gave me a few glimpses of me at my best which I hope to be able to replicate more consistently, it exposed some of my blind spots which I need to work on and it gave me a clear path to get to where I want to be.

    Last but not least, Jimmy’s a top man. I was unsure if we’d click or not but I found it easy to shoot the breeze with him for hours and talk about pick up, girls, football, travel, politics and life while we cruised around.

    If you’re thinking about booking with him, just pull the trigger and go for it!

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