Know your goal

A lot of game advice focuses on sex as the goal. How to get the girl into bed.

I wonder if this is the best attitude.

I ask myself, what do I want from this girl? A one time event or to date her and get repeat performances? If I’ve spent time and effort to court a girl, surely she must be worth more than a mere one time performance? Or is she just not a quality girl?

OK, OK, I'll do it woman, but I am telling you, it's only the once. I never want to see you again.
OK, OK, I’ll do it woman, but I am telling you, it’s only the once. I never want to see you again.

Nobody one night stands a 10. Men want to see women of quality again. So the chances are, if someone is regularly rattling off about all the one night stands they’re having, that’s cool but they’re just sleeping with average women. (Yes, possible exceptions, he’s famous, he’s a photographer for Vogue, he lives in Moscow where every second girl is a 10, he plays for Manchester United).

No problem with that, I spent 10 years in my late teens and early 20s one nighting average girls and I loved every minute of it. It taught me a lot. Just know about one night stands, that in the long term, you probably don’t want them, because sleeping with average women is fun, but it’s surely not the aspiration? At some point you have to put the toys down and stand up and be counted. To get the best, you have to be the best.

So if you do get, after all your game efforts, a truly quality girl into your bed, chances are you are going to want the option to see her again. Nobody one night stands a 10 unless they’re Robert De Niro Beckham or something.

The goal of courting, the end goal, is more something like this:

The girl enthusiastically and willingly submits to your benevolent and dominant frame.

Because when this happens, I’ll have the relationship I want, whatever I want, on my terms. This should be my focus. Focus on getting her to adore you, the bedroom will happen as a by product of that, should you will it. Be the man she adores.

You know why I didn’t one night stand my girlfriend?

Because she’s proper hot and really amazing.

Acknowledging the obvious exceptions to the rule before the dings come out in force.

a: I am talking generally.

b: Some situations do require a focus on sex as the end goal, like when she’s/you’re in town for a limited time, you’ve just met and you’re just trying to whistle off a super quick lay together.

c: It’s quite possible a genuinely hot girl decides she justs wants a clacking tonight. It happens.

Bar certain specific situations, you’re likely courting a quality girl over a few dates.

It’s worth saying here, in these situations, banging top lads like you and I don’t get ‘LMR’ (Last Minute Resistance). If a girl comes back to my place, we know exactly what it’s for.

Be a pro, sort out your mastery with the girl in the hours BEFORE you get her back to your place.

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