“jimmyjambone.com and all information contained within is for entertainment purposes only. No one that writes, has written for or is affiliated with this site is trained or licensed to give relationship, fitness, nutrition, investment or any other form of advice. All information on this site is to be treated as tongue in cheek satire.

If you dislike or disagree with the content of this website, then close your browser page, you daft cunt. If this site is not for you do not carry on reading and thus further work yourself into a fit of rage. ‘Jimmy’ is an avatar, a ridiculous persona in a similar style to Ali G. Don’t be the guy who gets wound up thinking Ali G is genuine. It’s a satirical character played for laughs.

jimmyjambone.com and any of its affiliates are not responsible for any negative consequences in your life resulting from reading this site. All advice and stories are presented as entertainment only. Acting upon any information or advice presented on this site is done at your own risk and any negative consequences you may experience is not at the fault of jimmyjambone.com or its writers.

When a picture is on the public domain, the person who posts said picture has no rights to ownership and cannot complain for how it is used or spread. If you are the original owner of a picture and would like it removed, email jimmyjambonepua@gmail.com with evidence of your original ownership or even just a nicely worded request.

At present, jimmyjambone.com are not paid to endorse any products and writings, or paid to write any material. Any recommendations to products or other writings are because of the belief of the authors of this website in the quality of a product, service or writings.

jimmyjambone.com reserve the right to update and change this disclaimer without notice. This disclaimer was last updated on July 21, 2019.

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