I am a genuine player with the miles on the cock and the reputation to back it up.
I started my first pickup boot-camp in London around 2007.
To date I have taught many hundreds of students.
I’ve been considered a top player for close to 15 years and my reputation is well documented.
I am not one of these Johnny Come Lately virgin twats who saw an infield on YouTube six months ago and is now ‘coaching’. Girls actually like sucking my dick.
I teach bespoke and in person and I do it not as a business, but because I enjoy it.

I will show you how to get a beautiful women


It’s not about looks and money.
It’s about charisma. It’s about swagger, vibe and a basic understanding of the secrets of how the human mind works.
‘Sexual charisma’ is an attribute, like ‘strength’. And just like strength can be nurtured and developed in the gym, so can charisma with game.
Does dating currently feel like a mystery with success and failure largely luck dependant and out of your control?
Would you like to know what you need to say and do in order to have a chance with every woman you meet?
Would you like to be in full control of every dating scenario from now on?

Here is a secret about attraction

It is usually not really about the words being spoken. If you don’t understand this and you take dates at their naked word, you’ll be forever playing the game blindfolded and you will rarely win. Imagine forever reciting a passage of encrypted text, but never knowing the key. It used to be like that to me to a large degree. But now, I know for damn sure that as long as I am able to walk up to her and say hello, I have more than a fighting chance of not just getting the girl, but having her chase me. It’s no longer a mystery. I understand why I win and I understand why I fail.

And it’s not even that hard to learn. In fact it’s easy. To learn enough to transform your dating life takes not as long as you might think. In a few short weeks, your friends will wonder what has happened.
I’m talking about having girlfriends of the type you truly want in your life – And on your terms. They will enthusiastically follow your lead.
Finding girls will no longer be a challenge In fact, you’ll have too many options to be able to see them all. No more standing around in a crowd with the rest of the losers just hoping to get lucky. You’ll be the one picking, like picking apples off a tree.


Women themselves often don’t understand what makes them excited about a guy. I will show you how to understand what women want, what makes them interested in a man and why.


I will teach you how to quickly become the type of man women chase and show you how to make her quickly realise it.


I’ll teach you how to read women’s personality types and how to use this to create genuine connections so that women will be excited about you.

My products

For infield coaching, before we meet, we need to have a Skype call (no charge for this) and do a slightly deeper dive into who you are, because I’ll start working on elegant segues and attractive stories to communicate your true identity which you’ll need to understand and get used to, because we’ll be using them in set when we go out. It’s very important for being ready and prepared on the day.

One to One
Private Coaching

Time tested, 1 to 1, in person training, where we meet at a suitable, pre agreed location, anywhere in the world and spend time approaching and meeting women together.

I’ll demonstrate and coach you the techniques to approach, talk to women and reliably get number and dates.


The residential is a highly focussed personalised programme where we spend a week together for the maximum
opportunity to expand
your skillset.

The week in field follows prep and follow ups calls via Skype. 

Skype and
Remote Infield

Skype calls to discuss whatever issues or queries you may have. Great for beginners or more experienced players with more philosophical, less infield functional queries.

Skype coaching can also involve infield approaches where you approach and I listen in to your sets.

One to One Private Coaching

We will typically meet somewhere close to a main shopping street. After a de-brief, you’ll be in set very quickly and I’ll begin to get a picture of your style and your strengths as I build your skills out from there.

As I examine your sets and make adjustments on the fly you will experience a complete shift in your understanding of game and how you interact with girls.

Cost: £100 per hour

Residential Coaching

My residential package is the best deal on the market for pickup coaching.

Week One is usually preparation – This ensures we hit the ground running and prepared on the very first day of the residential proper.

Over 5 hours of Skype coaching (not all in one sitting) we will look at your origin story, I will learn your strengths and weaknesses, we will set our expectations of what we will practice on the residential, we can do remote sets, we will set the success metrics for the residential and I will pre-prepare and pre train you on powerful bespoke routines (completely unique to you and 100% truthful to your life) and conversational techniques for you to use in set that will blow your sets apart.
They will be truthful, engaging and extremely attractive.

Week Two is usually the residential – We will spend 6 hours a day for usually a whole week (Mon-Sun). Usually 5 infield days and 2 theory days to conserve energy and consolidate our learning.

We will live in our own apartments, but for the whole week we will be like two wings on a jaunt or a holiday, only with me being solely focussed on improving your game. Set after set, we will build out your skill set and fill the gaps in all your weaknesses.

When it comes to game, you will be a new you.

Follow Up and Aftercare – Following the residential portion, we will schedule another 5 hours of Skype coaching (not all in one sitting) in which I follow your progress since the training, including remote infield sessions, making sure everything from the previous weeks has been assimilated and understood.

Cost: £3,500 – £67 per hour

I can help you
Just let me know what do you need to know.

Skype and Remote Infield

Remote infield is my personal favourite. I sit on my couch; you go to the mall or the shopping centre. We call via Skype or What’s App and you go to work. I hear everything remotely just as if I was there in person. It’s an elegant and efficient way of bringing cost effective infield coaching to the client.

If it’s not infield improvements you’re looking for, but you just want to discuss game and bounce ideas and experiences with someone with a lot of experience, then Skype coaching is the solution for you.

Cost: £80/hr – no minimum booking.


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