From Carrot singing Beatles to Day Game in Manchester, the roulette wheel of game can sometimes be very kind

If you had told me when I was 26 that ten years from now, I’d be sitting in a bar at 3 in the morning in an exotic European capital city, with a super hot 20 year old girl who loves jumping in my bed, who knew every Beatles song ever written. I am not sure I’d have believed you.

~You can talk to me. You can talk to me. You can talk to me. If you're lonely you can talk to me~
~You can talk to me. You can talk to me. You can talk to me. If you’re lonely you can talk to me~

I wouldn’t have doubted I’d have a super hot 20 year old girl in my bed. But a girl who knows Beatles songs? I don’t think so.

What? Even, ‘Hey Bulldog’?

But that is the surprise I got recently as a girlfriend and I gate-crashed a wedding party and stole slices of cake. My Carrotty companion demonstrated her superior knowledge of the best band in the world by challenging me to name a song she didn’t know.

Hey, I pulled them all out. She nailed it. One reason why she’s a light in my life.

Just one of those little life moments that makes you appreciate where you are.

Carrot was an interesting meet. A bit of day game luck. We all met her on a boot-camp in 2012. A student opened the group up and called us in. It was early hours in the morning, I’d dropped pizza all over my t-shirt. I was the epitome of the high value man.

Two years later and I bump into the girl in the exact same place. Purely by chance. I always remembered her, she was beautiful, cheeky and sweet. She’s a lovely girl, we started dating. Just one that fell into my lap.

This is the great thing about street pickup. It’s almost like a roulette. You just never know what that next stop brings.

Today in Manchester I had a stinker of a day. Blown out of 4 sets, I was bottom of the heap. The great Jimmy Jambone (and I am fucking great, I just forgot for two years), hung out to dry. I just couldn’t get a hook, couldn’t get a look in, couldn’t get them to quite fall my way. A few teeter tottered, but it just wasn’t to be.

I told my companion JoeP, ‘One more Joe, just lemme at ’em, you never know what the next stop can bring’.

Last stop of the day, a super cute Persian Mouse listening to her iPod and walking intently to some distant location in the Arndale Centre.

Here we go again.
Here I go again.

Stopped her with the ‘You look like a really cute, little Manchester Mouse, to where are scurrying’.

Two hour conversation in the middle of the Arndale Centre and I could feel the little mouse slowly falling into El Frame del Jimmyland. Oh, we’ve been here before boys, we have been here before.

If you’re new to street pickup, you never know what the next stop holds. Keep on keeping on.

My gum cams turned up today. Infields to come soon I expect and this blog can actually start to get good again.

Jimmy is thawing out. There is a storm coming.

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