I say I right lot of clever shit. I’m Plato with game. The best of my wit will go here.


– The goal of seduction is not to get a woman into bed. The goal is to make it so the girl enthusiastically and willingly submits to your benevolent and dominant frame. This way, you’ll have the relationship you want, on your own terms.

– Game is for quality. I’d rather get blown out by an 8 than fuck a 7.

– Nobody one night stands a 10. If you’re having one night stands, you’re either fucking average women or you’re not man enough to keep a quality woman.

– The more you worry about rejection, the more you’ll end up wanking into a napkin.

Big Wanking Political Shit

– The world will not be saved by taxation. It will be saved by people who can create value for others in the face of the crushing realities of the free market. Every Starbucks latte I buy is one step closer to saving the world.

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