The Jingle

All the greats have a jingle and by popular demand, Jimmy brings you his:


Oh Jimmy Jambone, you’re fucking obscene,

You do the things, of which most others can only dream,

You live a life, of unrivalled ease,

You pick up girls like picking apples off trees.


Oh Mr. Jambone, what did you say?

Why don’t you go, find a girl of your own age?

You say that when they get old,

you find you have to wear a blindfold?


Jimmy Jambone, won’t you come on over?

You’re a modern day Giacomo Casanova,

So adorable women don’t notice,

Your true intent and your ulterior motives.


Until it’s too late, it’s starting to work,

Sometimes you’re nice and then you’re a real jerk,

You’re not quite what you seemed,

Mr. Jambone you are a dream.


Jimmy Jambone, you truly inspire,

You’re a countryside walk and a night by the fire,

You make us feel like we’ve rocked till we’ve dropped.

You’re a vanilla slice; you’re the cherry on top.


Jambone, you’re clearly a wowser,

And ten times cooler than that nob head Krauser,

Whether you’re right or you’re wrong,

We all love your opinions.

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