Jimmy Jambone is one cheap bastard


I’ve been quite busy since I posted about me doing free training. Some have even donated. Who’d have thunk it? I might be able to afford a new pencil if this keeps up.

I’ve had a few clients here and there around the UK, but recently I was contacted by a new guy who wanted to do some ‘Euro Jaunting’. And that’s what brought me to Estonia this last 7 days. My first trip to Tallinn and the start of a four week adventure and intensive training programme with Johan. All for free. As I arrived I hadn’t seen the guy in action so I was beginning a blank slate, a new town and a new friend. Your favourite pick up artist was launching himself fearlessly into the unknown.

Jimmy Woz Ere

Jimmy Woz Ere

Tallin. My first realisation was how it wasn’t Eastern Europe. It’s Nordic, it’s Scandinavia, not officially so in any way, but it’s from the Scandy mould. The language is Nordic, looks Icelandic, with a lot of double vowels and umlauts. I think I lived on a street called ‘Kooii’. The people look Scandinavian, the town looks Scandinavian. The prices are lower than Scandinavia, but not Eastern E. So if you’re looking for an affordable Norway, it’s worth a shot.

The town is small, but busy. The old town is one of the biggest old towns I ever saw. A lot of tourists. It’s small enough to quickly get to know, but big enough to not get a reputation too quickly.

The girls are of a high standard. Very beautiful and well dressed. Great, great bodies. I found them to be friendly but not too accommodating of street pick up. I did about 20 stops in a week, got 5 ‘dates’. The infield videos didn’t record well at all. I’ll post them only if I don’t get anything better.

So if you’re going for game, the locations you want to hit up are as follows:

Viru shopping centre – This is prime location and prime hunting. You can’t go 5 minutes in Viru without seeing some smoking hot skirt. I don’t like pickup in shopping centres, I don’t like the cameras being on me, so I avoided it as much as I could, but if you like shopping centre as a pickup venu, then Viru is one of the most high quality target rich environments I’ve ever seen in my life. Almost as good as Jelly Square in Zagreb.

Tammasaare Park – The tiny park just next to the shopping centre, both sides of which offer the best outdoor hunt in town, but you have to be patient. It’s a long way from the quality on offer in Viru.

Solaris Bus Station – The bus stops outside the Solaris shopping centre, right next to Tammasaare, ship hot Nordic skirt in and out of town constantly all day long. A bit of patience can net you some good hunt.

Viru Street – Just next to the shopping centre, it’s the street which leads up to the old town, where you start to hit all the tourists. The lower section close to the shopping centre offers good hunt.

These four locations are all next to each other. I reccied the town out for the whole week and this is where to spend your time. There are other places, but they don’t quite have the volume. The best place by far is Viru shopping centre. If you do ten sets a day in there, you’ll end up with well fed.

One thing to let you know, both Johan and I were told by two separate girls something along the lines of ‘English guys come here and think they can just pick up the girls for sex’. One girl made specific reference to street pickup. ‘They just approach us on the street and try to pick us up’. Interesting.

Johan is an interesting guy. His problem quickly became apparent to me; I saw it within ten minutes. By the end of the first day he’d started to make better inroads. More about that later, but it’s going to be a fun four weeks.

As I leave Tallinn, I rate it high as a pickup location. It’s no Zagreb or Belgrade, but there’s quality and fun. I’d advise Ziggle Zaggle. Those girls are wife material. If my current girl can send me monogamous, they must have something.