dappy tarts

Fuck me, check out this horseshit!

According to the nob stretches at Microsoft the future will be run by skirt. What the fuck drugs have they been taking over there to come to this laughable conclusion?


This  is the reality. This is what we can expect when women have no men to guide them. Cat-fights over handbags and tears in the toilets.

When you get convinced by a load of mop heads that skirt is some kind of heavenly gift you end up begging for skirt.

The reality is that skirt will always be subservient and second best to man. Don’t let a few people in western media trick you with their Wizard of Oz bullshit.

And you have to fully understand and believe this when you’re stopping girls in the street. No matter how fine they are, we are what they want. They need us more than we need them.

They need me more than I need them.