Sexual asset stripping: A very cruel theft

A few years ago I had an unusual conversation with a disgusting, selfish, fat girl at work. It went something thus:

Her: ‘You’re 32 and your girlfriend is 23, it will never work out with an age gap like that’.

Me: ‘I know, she’s too old for me. We might not date for much longer’.

Her: ‘You mean she’s too young for you. Yeah, I know. So what’s the point dating her’.

Me: ‘No. I meant she’s too old for me. That’s why there is no future’.

Her: ‘!?!?! She’s too OLD for you!?!?! She’s 9 years younger than you’

Me: ‘Yeah. That means when I am 40, she’ll be 31. If I married her today, then when I am around my peak value, I’d be with a 31 year old woman. She’s too old for me’.

From that point on the girl I had the conversation with (a fat girl in her mid 30s) was openly hostile and rude to me and I suspect it was her who denounced me to HR when I one day mentioned my girlfriend liked me for my leadership qualities. Someone told told HR that I’d said ‘men are leaders, women aren’t’. Satisfyingly, I told HR that I was handing in my notice to spend 6 months travelling around Europe – should I go now for sexism or would they like me to stay and do a handover? They asked me to stay. They came back a couple of weeks later and asked me if I’d do a longer handover. Ah… the power of having no debts, no cost obligations and a pile of coin in the bank. Work cannot fuck with you. Ever.

(As an aside, a good book to read which examines the intellectual dishonesty of people like the fat girl is called ‘The Vision Of The Anointed’ by Thomas Sowell. I am currently reading it. It’s worth a look).

The truth is, when a girl hits 30, she’s going to start finding it tougher to compete. I think this article is well known in the red pill world but if you haven’t ever read it it’s worth a read – if not just for the reality denying comments at the bottom of the article.

Once I realised that a girl’s value is early and fleeting, then I found myself in a position of considerable responsibility. The girls very rarely see this truth, they think they have years of fun ahead of them before they settle down, but they don’t recognise very often that after 30 they’ll be competing against much younger, hotter women. Their acquired skills and resources won’t attract men to them as much as a toned arse and a pretty face.

Hi, I'm Abbie, and I am enjoying my genetic inheritance. I'd better not squander it though.. it won't last long.
Hi, I’m Abbie, and I am enjoying my genetic inheritance. I’d better not squander it though.. it won’t last long.

So where does this leave me when I am dating a girl through her core SMV when I know I am not going to keep her? It’s one thing laughing at girls who were bitches in their 20s, rode the carousel until they were dizzy and then became bitter when it was time to pay the piper in their 30s, but what about the girls who aren’t like this, the ones we date, the lovely gentle girls we care for who just haven’t had red pill guidance?

It’s no coincidence that 3 of the last 7 girls I dated, all in their early 20s, got married within 6 months of ending things with me. Two now have had children, neither of them is yet above 26 I don’t think. They’ve cashed in their genetic lottery ticket.

I was recently with a friend on a sunshine break. He’s close to 30 and he knows full well that he has more than a decade to wait before his vintage matures. His girlfriend was with us. A gorgeous, fun, sexy as hell girl who is 28.

They get on well, they have been dating for 6 months and have plans next year to do some travelling, maybe JJ and I will go with them. So I said to him:

Me: ‘Congratulations mate, have you set a date then yet?’

Him: ‘Eh?’

Me: ‘Your wedding. You and Marta’.

Him: ‘God no. I am not going to marry her’.

Me: ‘Then what are you doing to her, you little rat. She’s 28. You can’t take two years of her market value if you have any respect or consideration for her. She’ll be 30 when you dump her. Don’t be a twat’.

He understood. Using pickup skills to fuck a few girls is one thing. But dating is a different kettle of fish. You’re spending someone’s genetic inheritance. A 12 month relationship with a 23 year old is very different to a 12 month relationship with a 28 year old.

Dating a girl from the age of 23 through to 28 and then leaving her to compete a league below where you found her is a very cruel theft, a form of asset stripping. You not only break a well established bond that the girl has come to depend on, you figuratively take the cream of her assets, spend it to fulfill your own needs and then discard the shell once you’re done.

It would be like buying a Premier League football club, then over a few years selling all the best players, selling the ground on a rental deal, pocketing the money, then when they’re relegated into the lower league with no ground, no team, moving on to another club leaving them with no hope of competing for any kind of success.

I’ve seen this happen a few times at close quarters (not done by my hand, but by people of my acquaintance). Months after the break up I’ll see the girl in question by chance. I may imagine it, but the sadness in her face is apparent to me. The break up possibly disturbs her emotionally, but the sting in the tail may not have fully even dawned on her at that point. It may not fully dawn on her until the day she realizes she’s no longer Premier League.

I try not to be a mop head. I try to leave girls better off than when I found them. The world is full enough already of disgusting, selfish, fat girls who hate men. I sure as hell don’t want to create any more.


    1. Not as good as Bojangles (of the 3 Bromigos) comment to his aunt. When are you going to get married, she asked… ‘When I am 40 and my girlfriend is 20, he answered’.

  1. I’m 24 at the moment so haden’t really given this much thought. I was aware of the female SMV and how it declines around 30. But I never thought of this from an Asset Stripping point of view.

    “I try to leave girls better off than when I found them.” – totally agree with this.

    Very insightful post as always. Thanks 🙂

  2. I like this post, especially the last chapter.
    Please, continue writing your opinions. People can learn a lot of things from you.

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