Month: January 2017

Why do girls hate game?

First up, let me apologise to those guys who have sent me coaching emails. I have many to respond to, all read but not yet replied. I’ve been fairly ill this last month and I have not really been up to par on many days. Added to that, guys, Birmingham is just a shit hole. Total utter wank. It would be a horrendous waste of time to bring anyone here. In 3.5 months I have had my head turn maybe 3 times. I was in Victoria’s Secret at the weekend with JJ and aside form her, there was not one skirt in the whole shop you would actually want to see wearing that underwear, including the sales assistants.

The majority of people that inhabit Birmingham are what even I’d consider to be the underclass. Most brought in from third world countries. Now I’m from a council estate in Burnley. Let that sink in. Birmingham is that bad that a shit kicker from a council estate in Burnley thinks it’s a crap hole.  Seriously, for me to invite anyone here would just be a waste of their time and money. Cheltenham last winter was a different story. I had about 5 different guys with me there, but Chelts is a nice town and there’s a big girls college there, so it’s just cleaner, more youthful and a generally much nicer place. Here in Brum, I try not to leave the house. I spend my days playing piano, watching hockey and cooking with JJ.

But it cannot go unnoticed that we’re the majority of the way though the anti-season, aren’t we? I’m more than half of the way through my contract now, so it will be very soon time for me to start firming up my summer plans and I’ll be able to make a dent in that bulging post bag. This being the case, informal seeds are now being sown and casual chatter now made across the web of the now far flung former mansion residents regarding who is doing what this summer. Where are we going? Who is up for Moscow? So and so wants to rent a pad in Kiev, are you in? I think this summer may be the one where Mansion 2 gets seeded, somewhere in Europe. I think that would be a good thing on the whole. Round two. ‘This is the good times rolling’, I’ll be saying to the lads as they eyeball me with that blend of scepticism and hope. They won’t particularly believe me, but they’ll join in since they don’t have anything much better to do.

It was during one of these conversations with an ex-mansioner, Dave (who you may know from Bodi’s second book as the mansions resident rock star), that we discussed the state of game in London at the moment. Dave was telling me various negative press on day game doesn’t help what is more and more becoming a buyer’s market.

I’ve never really understood why this hysterical immediate reaction to pick-up. I know the usual objections that are trotted out, it’s predatory, it’s misogyny, it’s weird, it’s manipulative, but these are of course, just epithets. They’re not arguments. Rationally, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s OK for a guy to talk to a girl in a coffee shop or a bar, but in the street it’s *magic wand* ‘predatory’. Its fine to talk to a girl in a bar, but if you do it in a way you know she likes, then that’s not fine, that’s *magic wand* ‘manipulative’. Getting drunk and stumbling home with a girl you barely know is fine, but a DHV is *magic wand* ‘misogyny’.

Something doesn’t add up obviously. This is before any questions or attempt to drill down into the science of it all, just immediate anger and epithets. I could never understand why when I was getting drunk and getting lucky my female housemates thought I was cool, but when I learnt game and I was staying sober and having genuine conversations about family and life goals, scanning for admirable traits and trying to have quality relationships with girls I’d actually want to see again, the girls I knew went absolutely furious and stopped talking to me.

Well now I know.

Firstly and mainly, it’s simply because game puts control in the hands of the man. That’s all it is. The average chode’s way of going to bars, trying hard, working hard to please skirt, buying drinks, supplicating and bumbling around hoping to ‘get lucky’ is all about the girl choosing him.

The haters are not bothered about the value of the interaction, or the integrity of the subsequent relationship, they’re bothered only about who has the power.

Game, unfortunately, puts the man behind the steering wheel of dating and anything that does that will not be tolerated. Threaten women’s interests and they will tantrum to the heavens and white knights will leap on the chance to virtue signal for approval. Game makes men the choosers and women the chosen.

Of course not all women. There are plenty of girls out there who like confident, honest men who know how to take control. They’re the ones we’re all looking for.

There are other reasons of course, one second reason I consider is a little harder to see. It came to me today as I walked through Brum playfully looking to see if I could see a target, were I to have a student with me. I realised that the girls I was looking through, discounting, not even seeing as attractive propositions, well they were all young and no doubt many on the market. They’re used to getting attention, regardless of their low value, from needy chodes hoping to get lucky. Pre-game they are in demand. I realised I had got a case of 7 blindness. Girls who are ‘just OK’ and would 10 years ago have been a decent score, they were all of a sudden relegated to the bargain bin. Those girls I was ignoring no doubt felt they were decent prospects, but game sends them dusty on the shelf. If men cotton on how to get a Ferrari, the demand for Fords plummets.


Total Wank

Game takes away the SMV of the average skirt. They go from being Sgt. Pepper’s re-mastered, in a display case under a spotlight whilst being played over the in store stereo, to ‘Cliff Richard’s Dreamin’’ in the 50p bin.

Girls have had it easy for a long time, as the post feminism age has lowered their charm and widened their waists en masse. Men have had to try ever harder to catch them. Girls have been used to being accepted despite being overweight, bossy and unpleasant. I look at many of my old mates, handsome men with coin and experience dating bossy, angry, sub attractive women.

Needless to say, their girls always have an instinctive mistrust of me.

What happens with game? Well, game puts an immediate onus on looks for a starter. You’re shooting for above average, where before you were bumbling around hoping to get chosen by anyone.

By shooting for above average we began filtering out 50% of the girls on the market. That puts a lot of people out of business, when you do that, they don’t like it.

But more than that, we’ve progressed further. No longer satisfied with looks alone (maybe due to the fact we all worked out about going to Eastern Europe, where great looks are common. Whichever bright spark began that ‘Euro Jaunt’ craze has a lot to answer to) we’re now all talking about r/K selection. In short, we’ll sport the r crowd for notches but we’re all looking for that K to date. We’re all talking about Audrey, virtues, femininity, compassion, actual value and values. We’re genuinely saying ‘aside from your looks, what do you bring to the party’? We’re saying it and we mean it.

‘You’re now also shooting for virtue? It’s not enough we have to be pretty, but we actually now have to be nice to you?!’

There goes much that other 50% of the market.