Month: June 2015

Two kinds of socialist (both are cunts)

There are two categories of Socialist that I have managed to define.

1 – The Wise

These are the guys who know it’s a load of shit. They know full well that they’re not helping ‘the poor’ in any way whatsoever.  They know they’re just taking a load of money off people for their own ends – pretend jobs in international development, supporting charities and Government task forces etc, politicians. They know the data, they know it’s bullshit and they’re just riding the gravy train.

2 – The Stupid

These are the ones who actually believe it. They haven’t spent any genuine time researching the issues on both sides and they genuinely think they are freedom fighters helping the poor and they think Che Guevara is a hero.

Sometimes I watch Newsnight or Question Time or whatever and I like to work out who is who. Recently I saw a terrifying debate which included Vince Cable and, I think, Natalie Bennett as participants.

I think Vince is on the ball. He is in the former category. He knows it’s a gravy train.

Bennett is insanely stupid and is certainly in the latter category.

Maybe there is a third category

3 – The Blinded

These are like my dad. They are wedded to the ideology, it’s too much a part of their intellectual infrastructure. When confronted with hard facts, they just talk about something unrelated.

Stupid cunts.

Triumph and Disaster in Belgrade – Part One

Well, it has been an eventful few days so far in Belgrade. And completely non eventful.

The first news is that it appears my girl has flown. No joke, it’s over. She sent me a very clear message on What’s App to the effect that things are over and has since ceased all communication. I am not sure what could have triggered this event, but there’s not much I can do about it at the moment. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I am just not the guy for her. She is a beautiful, generous, loving, one in a million vulnerable spirit – and I am this guy. Rough around the edges to say it mildly and a pickup artist to boot. It’s hardly dinner party conversation with the in laws.

Father in Law: ‘I saw your latest infield Jimmy. She had an amazing pair of hooters, I’d put her at a high 8, and I loved it when you told her you’d take her from behind in the shower. I reckon you were on for a same day lay’.

Jimmy (mouth full of potato dauphinoise); ‘Thanks pa’.

Did I really think it would work? Well yes I did. It’s not like I am banging other women, just writing and coaching. Half the time I am not even writing about skirt, I’m rabbiting on about Socialism or compound interest. I would have given it all up for her, in my own time. It will sting for a while but what will be will be.

Dinner at the Jambones': 'My son-in-law's escalation technique is top drawer and I will fight the man who denies this'.

Dinner at the Jambones’: ‘My son-in-law’s escalation technique is top drawer and I will fight the man who denies this’.

We’re currently suffering our third straight day of rain. We’re holed up in Snezana, our favourite coffee shop, tip tapping away on our laptops and sipping coffees. I have just finished reading ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and I am about to read my book, Thomas Sowell’s ‘A Conflict of Visions’.

Our boredom was alleviated by a chance meet up with Irish does Asia, two days ago. This is the perfect example of why I have this blog. We could have been bored, but we made new friends, sank coffees in the rain, then beers, then cocktails and in the absence of favourable skirt chasing conditions we simply passed the time in ‘beer swilling hoon’ mode.

Irish flew to Romania today, but hopefully he’s coming back to join us for the tail end of our trip in Belgrade and Zagreb next week.

In the meantime, we’re stuck in the rain. The rain kills the day off, even when it stops people stay away, not sure if it will start again, or they are all cozy in their homes and decide to stay in for the day. At night, after a sunny day, the streets are awesome, warm and sultry and full of people in a party mood. After the rainy day, it’s cold and wintry and quiet.

I am hoping we can end the trip with two weeks in the sunshine in Zagreb, sitting by Lake Jarun.

Anyway, here’s an infield. I won’t put it on my static page because the girl isn’t so great, but the cam worked, the audio worked, the footage is good and there’s some good technique in this pickup so it has a minor role in the theatre of Jim.