Jimmy’s Jingle

Finally, Jimmy has his very own jingle. All the other greats have their own songs, so like you all say, it’s been a long time coming. It was recorded today at my home between myself and my nephew’s girlfriend Nicole.

So without further ado…


Oh Jimmy Jambone, you’re fucking obscene,

You do the things, of which most others can only dream,

You live a life, of unrivalled ease,

You pick up girls like picking apples off trees.


Oh Mr. Jambone, what did you say?

Why don’t you go, find a girl of your own age?

You say that when they get old,

you find you have to wear a blindfold?


Jimmy Jambone, won’t you come on over?

You’re a modern day Giacomo Casanova,

So adorable women don’t notice,

Your true intent and your ulterior motives.


Until it’s too late, it’s starting to work,

Sometimes you’re nice and then you’re a real jerk,

You’re not quite what you seemed,

Mr. Jambone you are a dream.


Jimmy Jambone, you truly inspire,

You’re a countryside walk and a night by the fire,

You make us feel like we’ve rocked till we’ve dropped.

You’re a vanilla slice; you’re the cherry on top.


Jambone, you’re clearly a wowser,

And ten times cooler than that nob head Krauser,

Whether you’re right or you’re wrong,

We all love your opinions.

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