Two kinds of socialist (both are cunts)

There are two categories of Socialist that I have managed to define.

1 – The Wise

These are the guys who know it’s a load of shit. They know full well that they’re not helping ‘the poor’ in any way whatsoever.  They know they’re just taking a load of money off people for their own ends – pretend jobs in international development, supporting charities and Government task forces etc, politicians. They know the data, they know it’s bullshit and they’re just riding the gravy train.

2 – The Stupid

These are the ones who actually believe it. They haven’t spent any genuine time researching the issues on both sides and they genuinely think they are freedom fighters helping the poor and they think Che Guevara is a hero.

Sometimes I watch Newsnight or Question Time or whatever and I like to work out who is who. Recently I saw a terrifying debate which included Vince Cable and, I think, Natalie Bennett as participants.

I think Vince is on the ball. He is in the former category. He knows it’s a gravy train.

Bennett is insanely stupid and is certainly in the latter category.

Maybe there is a third category

3 – The Blinded

These are like my dad. They are wedded to the ideology, it’s too much a part of their intellectual infrastructure. When confronted with hard facts, they just talk about something unrelated.

Stupid cunts.

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