The game is played in comfort

I am currently writing a post wrapping up the events of the last few weeks of my season. It’s a bit rambling so while you wait, I’ve decided to do a drive by opinion piece.

Firstly. I am now on Twitter. It’s fucking great. Twitter allows me to do two things:

  1. Force my opinion on people.
  2. Troll my mates.

I don’t know how to link to my twitter, but I seem to be @jimmy_jambone; don’t do what Jabba did and start tweeting @JimmyJamBone. Some poor middle aged dad from Missouri has logged in this week to find himself embroiled in a row (Deepakgate) between five 40 year old pickup artists over who is or who isn’t the real deal when it comes to chasing after 20 year old women.

The game is played in comfort is from the Mystery Method. All these guys running around stopping girls in the street, it’s all well and good, but that’s not game. It’s pickup. Any fucker can stop girls and collect numbers. Of course there’s skill involved, blah blah, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s like I said in a post a few weeks back. Game is when the rubber meets the road. Game is when the immediate road ahead doesn’t lead to you getting what you want so you have to game it.

Oh, let’s just sit here and pretend it’s what we wanted.

My previous example was when the target in the set you pick out doesn’t give you signals but the obstacle does. When it doesn’t seem on with your target then ‘game’ is what you do to get the target to like you.

And in texts. Text game is tough and much of the success of the texts is based on the quality of the pickup. But when a target is being unresponsive, or giving you one word answers, that’s when you go to work. That’s when ‘game’ gets her on a date.

I remember a time I stopped a group of girls on the street at nighttime after a night out in Old Street. There were three of them. A hot one and two average mates. I never spoke a word with the hot one, but one of the 6/7s gave me signals. What happened? Did my wing say ‘oh well it weren’t on with you and the hot one so I swooped in’. No? He played wing and helped me work the set.

So I Facebook closed her mates, added all three of them and DHVd to her mates over several chats. News of my character seeped through to the target and smart game and a bit of luck a few weeks later she was my girlfriend.

It’s a play I’ve pulled off a few times. When the road ahead is blocked the amateur gives up and takes the payoff, takes what he can get in the moment but a pickup artist, he risks it all or nothing. He can move obstacles to get what he wants.

It’s the same attitude that makes you stop spending time on 7s and committing to quality.

1: (Top marks to anyone who sees through this post and realizes it’s just a desperate excuse to announce I am on Twitter and try and up my embarrassingly low followers count)

2: ‘Fear and loathing in the pickup industry’ to follow soon. Don’t hold your breath, it won’t be that interesting. To be honest, you’re better off reading Roy Walker Daygame or City Daygame, they’re all more interesting than I am. While they’re working the streets, I’m sitting at home eating pancakes.

3: I am the son of Maltese immigrants. That makes me a minority. And probably black. Anyone who doesn’t like this blog is a racist and if anyone dare criticize me I WILL immediately pull the race card.


  1. The thing about playing the game in comfort is that this is the most important area in building that vital connection with a girl however its not explained in any great depth in Mystery Method or any other books or materials that I can think of. There is an obsession with ‘attraction’ in the community (since I’m a dashing young man as you have probably gathered, I don’t need to do much attraction anyway, its already there). Therefore how to tease for instance is written about endlessly which there is only vague advice on how to run good comfort game. I usually stick to talking about the following: 1) what each of us enjoys doing in spare time 2) what she is hoping to do in the future 3) where she has travelled and would like to go 4) music she likes (one of my hobbies so I can talk about different genres easily).

      1. That would be really good Jimmy. Got a question on my mind, I game in London and am beginning to wonder if I should abandon this in favour of taking few euro-jaunts every year (cant base myself in another place for a prolonged period because of my work etc.). What do you reckon? London game is wearing me down, takes me 20 mins or so to even find a decent set (7.5+), if she’s English its very hard work and its often so overly congested with rude mannered oafs that the whole experience isn’t really light and fun.

        1. Go Europe and you’ll never look back. London is just not even close to the quality of woman you get in Europe.

          I am not saying I dated a slew of 10s in the past, I didn’t. But prior to game I banged a proper train load of 7s and the odd 8. Prior to game I got a similar quality and quantity of girl that I see a lot of other pickup coaches bragging about today. I see their infields and think ‘I was getting that before game’.

          I had and have no interest whatsoever in quantity. After my 100th 7 (prior to game), I’d had enough 7s. I got into game to up my quality. Better to have one 8 each year than fifteen 7s. I’ve had fifteen 7s. I’ve had threesomes with 7s prior to game.

          I got to to the point in London where I’d walk for 6 hours and do 1 set because 1 set was all I could find.

          Jaunts bring other problems and challenges, but finding genuine quality skirt is not one of them.

  2. yes, and the problem when you do eventually find that 8 in London after 6 hours is that her perceived SMV is (correctly) sky high as she knows she is desired by all around her … therefore the value and game that you need to bring to the table becomes huge (& possibly insurmountable).

    now I just need to work out a way to finance these jaunts without becoming a PUA guru.

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