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Writing doesn’t come easy to me. It’s not something I am particularly good at, nor do I enjoy it. Sitting down to write, while there is some enjoyment in it, is a chore more than a pleasure. Case in point, look how I blog so little.

I’ve written 75,000 words of a memoir, but I haven’t added to any of those words in over two years. It sits half finished on my hard drive. I can’t remember the intricacies and colour in words the conversations I had 10 years ago. I’m incapable of inventing dialogue, so It’s a brick wall right off the bat. If I find a ghost writer then that’s really the only way I’ll finish that book.

So this writing medium is always going to be a non starter for me.

But I know a lot about skirt, my mates are daft as fuck and I have loads of stories to impart about an era in game which never got recorded, as no one blogged back then. I also look at the market today and honestly, outside a few exceptions, these current crop of gurus are mostly grifters and jokers telling pork pies about all the skirt they get.

So I am going to turn my hand to podcasting. A podcast gives me a chance to ramble on, to anyone willing to listen, for hours. I have my delusional philosophies, they always gets a laugh, as do my hundreds of crazy stories about interesting friends who are even more ridiculous than I am.

My friends John, Lea and I have recorded ourselves talking over breakfast in our garden last Sunday morning and as a result, we have two pilot episodes to share with you.

This is not a long term thing. We’re aiming to do 5 or 10, if we can stick it out that long.

The goal of these podcasts will be:

1 – Joy.

This is the main goal. Half an hour of jovial chat between mates, with a game/PUA edge, designed to fill a gap in a coffee break and lift your spirits while you’re grinding the streets. Had a crappy morning in the rain and feel down? Get to a Starbucks, get yourself a latte and listen to Jimmy make a fool of himself. We want joy and humour over trying to position ourselves as PUA legends. Failure stories over glory stories every time.

2 – Insight.

We’re 40 year old blokes trying to impart a little red pill insight onto lads in their early 20s. We’ll tell you what your dad should have told you but your mum won’t let him.

I’ve passed the pilots onto a few mates and here is what they said:

‘It’s fucking garbage is this Jimmy, you’re having a laugh aren’t you, only a total idiot would listen’.

That’s the only green light I needed. Anyone reading this blog must be an idiot, so it looks like we have the perfect product for a ripe market.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my first ever podcast.

I have to admit, what we have recorded so far is not great. In any department. It’s utter shite. Of course it is, it’s our first one. It’s like your first band rehearsal. Tear gas. We’re learning our craft, we have a lot to learn. And that’s where you all come in. I think I have about 5 readers, you guys can have a listen and tell me what you think and ask us to talk about stuff, a bit like when Krauser had me doing those ‘Ask Jimmy’ blogs last year. If you can really help me out, we could have a right laugh here. I’ll even invite some of you on if you’re game.

Let’s give it a go lads. There’s something in this. I’m willing to give it a bash as I’ve really nothing else better to do this winter. It’s podcast or play video games.

I tell you too, I’ve tonnes of colourful friends who I could invite on just to tell stories about stupid things they’ve done. Some proper rum lads, not play-school. When I watch films like Lock Stock and Wolf of Wall Street it’s like being with some mates of mine. If we get this cooking and get five or ten good ones, I bet I can get some of them to come on and tell us their stories.

So two things:

1 – Let me know if there’s anything you want us to discuss.

2 – Once we have a few out of the way, let me know if you want to come on if you have something to talk about. I don’t care how much of a game newbie you are, if you’re out there doing it, then let’s hear it. The good and the bad. Failure stories over glory stories.

3 – Give it a listen and let me know how to make it better.


  1. Not bad for a first time out. You hit your stride about halfway through. The attraction triggers in women are fundamental concepts, but most guys seem to focus on game without talking about value. I see results with women as a function of game x value x marketplace (the city you’re in).

    Since you’ve been in a relationship for four years or so I’d love to hear more about that. How does a man with game manage a long term relationship without getting bored, and without her slowly, unconsciously betacizing you as well.

    And personally I hope you keep at it for more than 5 or 10 podcasts…

  2. >Since you’ve been in a relationship for four years or so I’d love to hear more about that. How does a man with game manage a long term relationship without getting bored, and without her slowly, unconsciously betacizing you as well.

    Second this.

  3. Would be cool to hear about the earlier days, and more of your thoughts on the Mystery Method. Also I second Joe’s comment above!

    1. It’s also be interesting to hear your thoughts on the mindset shift that occurs throughout a PUAs “career”. E.g. Krauser’s shift in focus in recent years, Roosh finding the “God pill” etc

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