I went to a consultant to discuss wealth management and life planning. He asked me a few questions. This is what I said:

q: Do you plan on getting married?
a: No. It doesn’t seem necessary.
q: Where do you plan on living?
a: Croatia is currently my favourite country. I’d like to live there, it’s what I aim for but I don’t particularly want my assets there. I don’t want them in the UK either. I’ll be a Maltese citizen in about a year when my application gets approved, so that might be a second choice. It’s EU though.
q: Hobbies that may be of interest?
a: I like to read, drink coffee, eat tomatoes on a sunny balcony, play my guitar/piano and go for walk with a girlfriend. I can do that anywhere. I’m a very simple man.
I’m quite social. I like having friends and I like having girlfriends. This is one of the reasons I love Croatia. The people (men and women) are good company, very easy to befriend, speak excellent English and the women are not just beautiful, but kind and gentle too. They are wonderful, wonderful company.
q: Any desire to get more education and training
a: Yes. Two things. As a project manager I could spend a couple of £3k on a few qualifications, PMP, APMP, MSP. Mostly bullshit, but they do help push your CV to the top of the pile. I will be doing this anyway, as I do see myself contracting for the next 5 years at least.
Second thing: I was thinking, in a few years to maybe tone down the corporate work and learn something like book keeping (just as an example). Set myself up on a site like Elance and sell my services from a beach somewhere, just to supplement my income. £100 a week goes a long way in Croatia.
q: Would you start a business?
a: Too much hassle and red tape.

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