Looks are personality

Another repost of something I wrote on another site years ago.

I never accept this argument that men liking a woman (or the other way round for that matter, but this blog is about chasing skirt) for her looks is shallow and ignores her personality. It can be true, but it’s not true by default. I am sure there are some guys who are happy enough to date a pair of tits and long legs. Dating a woman solely for her looks, then maybe. But don’t forget, looks betray something inside and they are often the starting point to knowing key things about them.

I’ve always considered a girl’s looks to be an immediate insight into her personality and her attributes.

I first saw this lady when I was about 5 and she set the bar for me for the rest of my life.

1: How a woman presents herself physically is crucial to her success in the dating market. A woman who doesn’t recognise this and has failed to capitalise on her genetic inheritance is demonstrating a significant lack of insight. A woman who takes her time to get ready is one who is tending to her value. She may not understand it consciously, although some most certainly do, but she’s switched on. She’s taking care of her seed crop and thinking ahead. A slob is telling me ‘I am simply not switched on to how the world works and am unable to make the most of my own position, let alone that of my children’.

2: To cultivate a healthy physique requires hard work and extreme willpower. My girlfriend is 10/10 on this front. She never drinks alcohol, even when everyone else is, she eats healthily, she stays slim. It takes commitment and willpower to stay hot. Commitment and willpower are personality traits.

3: My girl thinks getting fat or appearing in public shabbily dressed would be a serious disrespect to me. She is respectful and considerate and these are very important personality traits.

4: My girl dresses excellently, every single day without fail. She always dresses in something that looks great. Even when it’s just joggers and a hoodie, they’re clean, well fitting and often fun co-ordinated colours. She also always wears nice, matching underwear. In doing this she demonstrates to the world a creative intelligence and a passion for fun and flair. This is what I see in well dressed women. They have a flair and an intelligent consideration for style.

5: Well dressed girls are showing off the bat that they are not lazy. Keeping clothes in shape and wearing matching underwear takes effort, for reasons I can’t be bothered explaining here. It’s so much easier to have 4 days as a slob and just get dressed up at the weekend. Putting in effort on a daily basis is a quality I admire. Being disciplined is to be applauded.

6: Being a slob, being overweight, being dirty, it’s just bad decision making. It’s careless, thoughtless and dysfunctional. Not qualities I am looking for in the mother of my children.

When I see a well dressed and well shaped broad, she has immediately told me positive things about her personality, right off the bat. Now this is not a guarantee. You’ll get some hot chicks who are total cunts while they’re boozing and fucking their looks away, going down quicker than a blind roofer, but of the really hot well dressed girls I have approached, met and dated… the correlation between quality of woman and quality of appearance is very high.

So the next time someone tries to tell you you’re shallow because you won’t date the fatty, tell them to stick their dysfunction right up their arse. Let them go and date the fatty if they like it so much. You date the hot skirt.

*Anyone who messages me saying ‘yes but there was this one person one out of a hundred times who had a thyroid disorder and so you can never say……’, you will just be ignored.



  1. yes but there was this one person one in a hundred times who has a thyroid disorder and it you can never say….

  2. I dated a Latina who had her thyroid removed. Clinically, the expectation is that she would put on weight easily.

    But she never became fat. She was always sexy although curvy – good hips to waist ratio, juicy ass, nice thighs – thanks to gym, good food and an innate concern for looking her best especially for me, mirroring what Jimmy wrote above.

    Her genetics may have played a part, but an absent thyroid is a large hurdle to overcome in staying physically attractive.

    Her mind was evidently strong and her personality was wonderful, which made our relationship a synergistic and mutually beneficial one. To this day, she is the best girl I have been with.

    Girls without such severe difficulties as an absence of a major hormonal gland who don’t look their best are just not worth it – they probably don’t know their own worth anyway.

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