JJ’s Mad At Me


My girlfriend JJ thinks I am not very romantic. So I recorded her a song to show her how romantic I am. I told her I did a cover of ‘My Girl’, with some bespoke lyrics.

When someone mentions the song ‘My Girl’, they first think of the Temptations song, and of course, this is exactly what JJ will be thinking right now. However, there is another (much better in my opinion) song called ‘My Girl’, by the British band Madness.

Now she is all happy because when she gets home she is going to listen to the song – but when she gets home and downloads it, this is the song she will get:


And the other shoe has dropped. I love it. Relationships can be so much fun.

If you have never heard the original Madness track, you should head over to You Tube and check it out. Awesome song.

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