How to tell your girls about pickup

Note: This was written a few weeks ago, I must have forgotten to post:

Now that I am thawed out and back in action, I have been back treading the streets. I met a very cute young actress in Manchester at the weekend, my first street stop in almost two years. It’s like riding a bike but it may take a while for this old dog to get back to his level best.

I have booked my trip to Croatia in a few weeks where my girlfriend will hopefully help me film some new infields to kick start 2015 and get some fresh content to you.

Me being a right proper talented rock star, there is also an awesome Jimmy jingle that I have written and recorded, to accompany said infields. I think you’ll all agree, the jingle is a mark of true genius and will enrich all our lives in ways we could not possibly have imagined.

So I thought I’d make a quick post about telling girls about pickup. How do I let my girlfriends know what I do and even get them enthusiastically involved?

Well the first thing to remember is that we are, in theory, an elite group of men. We are a small fraction of men who actually know how to meet and talk to beautiful women in a way they find adventurous and thrilling.

For 5 years in RSG I had an awesome female wing by the name of Becks, as well as being honest with all my girlfriends from the off about what I do, so I have a good insight of pickup from the woman’s perspective.

After meeting me and often my friends, a girl realizes that we have an attitude of abundance and as such, we don’t waste our time on low value soft targets (drunk/vulnerable). They know we appreciate the best women and we engage them fairly and in a way they like. They understand that we have, through means of the street, an almost endless number of options on women, so we don’t need to lie to the girls we meet, it’s not like they aren’t replaceable. We don’t have the frame of mind ‘my God, I’ve finally met a hot girl, I must say whatever it takes to keep her’.

We have an appeal in the sense that we are truly high value men, positive and pleasant to be around with none of the usual low value pussy begging behaviour. Showing ego, acting macho, etc.

An important thing to understand from the woman’s perspective, at least early on, is that they understand the game as a pure chance, a stars aligned coincidence thing with maybe one or two little nudges. The thought of a tactical approach with military precision and carefully planned methods to ‘close a target’ is off putting to them.

They find the prospect of a romantically well versed man attractive, but they don’t want to know the full mechanics.

This boils down to the way we see things and the way they see things. Just like we deal with ASD and LMR by providing a setting where she can say that sex ‘just happened’ and she can romanticize this to herself and her friends and thus doesn’t feel like a slut, they also want the whole cycle to appear romantic and spontaneous so they don’t feel played.

So learn how to be honest to them about your lifestyle, let her see the shiny car, but ease off what is under the hood to begin with.

Honesty goes a long way because only a high value man with confidence that knows he can find another woman of equal or better value can afford this sort of thing.

The first few times I told a girl about pickup (almost 10 years ago now) was a complete disaster, but now it just rolls off the tongue.

You’ll fuck it up to begin with but stick with it.


  1. “The first few times I told a girl about pickup (almost 10 years ago now) was a complete disaster”.

    Now I am curious, tell us more.

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