How many graduate recruitment consultants date international underwear models?

I recently wrote a post, similar in vein, as to the enormous benefits of avoiding debts at a young age.

In particular, the hidden cost of student debt and how the £40,000 of student debt is insignificant next to the lost compound interest opportunity on meager savings invested in one’s late teens or early 20s. Savings you can’t make if you’re first studying and secondly paying off debt. I reckoned 14 years of saving would grow to about £330,000 at 65. That’s a good pension plan sorted by the time you are 30. The important thing about pensions is not how much you put in, it’s how soon you start.

If young men avoided debt, marriage and kids and worked and saved throughout their 20s, then had kids in their mid to late 30s when they were financially and emotionally responsible, in other words, if young men were taught to be patient, well I can’t imagine how much better the world would be.

Not to mention at 35 with no baggage, some experience and money, man you would not believe how easy it is to get a stable, fun, educated, hot young woman who looks great in expensive underwear. You have the pick of the gene pool. My girlfriend is hot as hell, 24, gentle, educated, she has her own money, she’s from a good family, well brought up and while she has her own opinion and is confident, she is still feminine and willingly and gleefully accepting of my leadership as the gift to her that is is, rather than something to resent. While her friends are dating emotional young boys who are flaky and inexperienced, Jolia is dating a man.

But that’s not the narrative we get. Young ‘men’ in their early 20s are often encouraged to get into debt and settle down. They’re told they might be ‘left on the shelf’. This is true for women, not men. Women have a much more limited shelf life than men. Age is usually correlated with a loss of attraction for women, but for men, it’s the other way round. With age comes attraction.

There is absolutely no reason for this pic to be here, I just really like it.
There is absolutely no reason for this pic to be here, I just really like it.

I remember recently meeting a really beautiful young lady outside a shop in a sunny European capital city. She was 24. When I checked her Facebook, she was a bona-fide photo-shoot and underwear/swimsuit model. We got talking and I could see she liked me, but didn’t fancy me. I look much younger than I am. I look about 25. I’m 36.

She had this air of ‘this guy is sweet, he’s an interesting kid, I could almost fancy him’. There was a kinship, but no sexual vibe. She was amazed with my lifestyle and my little stories and the conversation, in the street, lasted around 20 minutes, but she didn’t fancy me. At one point she casually asked me my age. I told her 36.

It was figuratively like a bomb went off. Like her eyes span round and the switch in her head labelled ‘sex’ had been flipped. This is a man who is past his childhood, he’s interesting and exciting, but he’s older, so he’s reliable and dependable. She immediately began stumbling on her words, giggling, touching my arm and within a minute or two  said ‘do you want to take my number’.

(Just to be clear. We texted a while but ultimately the set went nowhere. This is not a ‘me trying to say I bang underwear models’ thing).

This is a hot as hell, confident, smart young internationally traveled underwear model. Really. Think of the 24 year old boys you know. Do you really see them pairing up? How many graduate recruitment consultants date international underwear models?

The weight of advice I hear being handed to young people is ‘have fun while you’re young’, ‘don’t work hard, take gap years while you can’ and then this quickly segues into ‘it’s time to settle down and get a mortgage/baby/married’.

No. Boys. No. Please. Your 20s are a wasteland of low dating value and an empty head that as much as it firmly believes it does, believe me, it does not understand the world. Get your head down, work hard, stay in shape, build your skills, save up piles of filthy money without the cost of mortgages and babies to pay for and stay single. Don’t drink too much. You can date and have sex, no worries, it’s not that hard to get a few casual lays. But above everything remember for a guy, life begins at 30. At 30, you should have experience, a career and a pile of cash. You should have the breathing space, the experience and the opportunity freedom to be able to compete for the best girls on the market. And from 30 you still have ten years, if not more, to bag one of them and start popping out some sprogs.

I was emailed recently with for some dating advice. The guy said to me ‘I am leaving it late, I am 27 now, I don’t have much time left’. Well, at the French adage of ‘half the man’s age plus 7’, he clearly thinks it’s time for him to settle down with his 20 year old bride.

It’s a veil of fallacy that needs lifting. He’s not even out of the gates yet. Boys, listen to me, the advice is simple –

Your 20s: Work hard, keep costs low, save up, stay single, avoid debt.

Your 30s: Work less, enjoy less stress, enjoy more choice, reward yourself, date the best women.

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