Girl A, Girl B

Well, I have had a ball here in Europe this last 6 weeks and it’s fast approaching time to go home and go back to work. Yohan and Irish left a few days ago. Rapid leaves on Tuesday, I’ll spend a couple of days with JJ by the lake and then… Back to England and repairing my decimated bank account. Teaching free boots is a lot of fun, it’s rewarding as hell and fills a hole in my life that makes it well worth me doing. But it doesn’t pay the bills.

From a lifestyle and contracting point of view, I do think that March/April is way too early to finish for the year. I think the first two months I spent here in Zagreb were completely wasted. From a game perspective they were definitely wasted. The streets were extremely dry compared to what they are today. From a lifestyle and weather perspective, the first three weeks I was here were freezing cold and I just stayed in the flat.

Compared to today, it’s cafe’s in the street, food in the park and days spent lounging next to the lake.

So next year I think I’d serve myself much better to finish in May/June. If you finish in June and start work again in September, then I think the four months off is enough to satiate your fun lust. Eight months of work is more than I would like but the extra six grand on the bottom line is juicy. That’s sixty grand over ten years ignoring the interest. That’s two Porches.

The current plan next year is to try to do it a little differently. I am going to try rent a place full time here in Zagreb and try to live here full time. I’ll apply for contracts in the UK and just fly back to service them for the three months I get here and there, but my base will be Zagreb.

No doubt I'll be getting a contract in one of these places
No doubt I’ll be getting a contract in one of these places

I have a list of blog material as long as my arm to write now, which should keep my pages active throughout the miserable winter. I’ve also loads of infield footage to share, so lots of bells and whistles for those of you with smaller brains. Although I suffered a palm to the forehead moment when I realised that all the Zagreb footage I have, I probably can’t use. My blog hits in Croatia are enormous relative to the other locations.

My readership in Zagreb has got to the point I occasionally get recognised in the street.

If I posted anything about local girls, especially as I will be living here, it’s only a matter of time before the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon lead to an angry brother or boyfriend knocking on my door. Croatian men aren’t particularly aggressive but that doesn’t mean they can’t fight and I certainly wouldn’t want to fuck with them.

So onto this post; I want to talk about a simple concept I was discussing with Yohan, Rapid and Irish last week. Click here to read my thoughts on ‘Girl A and Girl B’ on the Three Bromigos.

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