Girl A, Girl B

This is another re-post from a former blog. I’ve taken two guys out this last three weeks and both asked for me to re-post this.

Girl A, Girl B

There are two girls in a pickup.

First there is the girl you approach, the one that you are attracted to and curious about. She’s hot, or cute, or stunning, or smoking, or slutty or whatever you like. Whatever you claim.

Then there is the girl you ask out on a date ten minutes later, the one you have got to know and have realised you actually like. She’s lived abroad, she has a nice laugh and she loves Led Zeppelin.

And this is part of a good pickup, for me. You stop girl A, but over 10 minutes you get to know someone else. You get know girl B and it’s girl B you ask out on a date.

I think it’s important that, even if not explicitly, I let the girl know this. I am not asking her out based on my opener, I strove (strived?) to give them the sense that I’d been spurred on by our shared conversation. I stop the ‘little rock and roll mouse’, but I ask on a date the ‘witty, violin playing, Led Zeppelin fan’ who has told me she is saving up to go on a brave little trip to South America… or whatever our conversation was.

I think the key dynamic is as follows:

  • Conversation builds comfort and familiarity. Comfort and familiarity are supporting reasons for a date.
  • Appreciating a girl for her personality over her looks is often important to her.

This is all pickup basics. Most of you reading this will think ‘Jesus Jimmy, get back to 2005 when the rest of us learned all this’, but there are so many new people coming into the community every year, a lot of these basics simply aren’t known. I see them on Oxford Street. Sometimes I listen to their sets. Yes I know that’s a bit creepy. I see very little game going on but I respect any man who has the balls to dive into day game.

I see mostly spam approaches and regurgitation of the same old lines. Not many lads are actually on it.

Try the girl A, girl B thing and let me know how it goes. It should make your numbers  stickier.


This is a picture of a donkey eating a watermelon. Look how happy he is. You’re young and you have years of great fun ahead of you. You’re like this donkey. Stupid but extremely loveable, so stop whining and go and open some sets.

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