Gimmicks and Gambits – Photo Joke

It’s raining here in Ziggity Zag, so I am afraid you’re going to witness the unthinkable. Two posts in two days from Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jam.

In my last post I mentioned how Lee left me keeping his set warm for two hours while he went on another date. Well, during that time I ran a great little routine that I made a mental note to share. It’s great for dates and works well in high energy two sets.


Step 1: Get a photo of something ridiculous and cute downloaded to your phone.

Step 2: In set announce it’s time for some photos. Photograph your target. Take a moment to get the light right. Take the photo um and ah and say ‘wow, it’s a good one, you’re so cute’.

Step 3: Show the photo but try and keep a straight face.

Getting girls laughing at your spontaneous humour is gold. This one gets a big laugh every time when I do it and positions my target as a small and cute creature.

You can do the same thing again to the other girl and have another photo, let them all have a turn. Have a grumpy looking monster for when you do your wing.

It’s still raining. Looks like I’ll write a bit more of that book.


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