Free Pickup Coaching

CaptureI used to offer 100% free pickup coaching for short term bookings.

I accepted voluntary donations from students after the coaching had ended. You paid what you you thought I was worth. I didn’t want to think or talk about money with you. Donations were made after the training by PayPal. No pressure or awkward moments on the final day.

If you wanted me to travel, take a larger booking like a residential, or jump the queue, then if you contacted me for rates, they were extremely competitive.

The training

I provided 1:1 discussion, theory and infield instruction. I witnessed you in the field  and discussed your results in detail afterwards, taking forward the learning points into the next set.

It was the best deal on the market by far, from a very good coach and one of the few genuine pickup coaches who can actually get skirt.

My credentials

I started my first pickup coaching company in London around 2007 and by 2013 I’d personally taught hundreds of students. I taught in person. I didn’t pay people to teach while I sat at home pulling on my dick and counting the cash – I went in field on every boot-camp and taught by approaching and picking up skirt,  week in, week out.

Why I made this offer

1) I’m a banging top lad.

2) I like supporting other guys and I enjoy the kinship of helping good men improve themselves. If you’ve ever experienced this for yourself, then you’ll understand. There truly are some things just as important as money.

3) Putting modesty aside, I was really good at pick up. Now I’m settled down, where does that hard won skill-set go? Coaching is the natural outlet to my understanding of the dating dynamic, whatever you want to call it.

4) My training is of the highest calibre, it speaks for itself and that’s why I can be cocky enough to roll the dice like this, because the truth is…  pretty much everyone donates afterwards and donates generously. In the close to five years I have been doing this free coaching offer, only two guys didn’t donate. That’s pretty phenomenal when you think about it. That’s something to me worth more than money.

5) I like coaching. It’s one of the things I love to do. I love spending my time in the street picking up women. I am happy to do this and I know my students are happy. It’s a win-win no matter what happens. The world could do with more win-win.

6) I’m a banging top lad.


I did it for many years, but unfortunately, no longer. Now people pay me lots of money. Its time for Jimmy to get his. Never let it be said I did not do my bit.

Email me at jimmyjambonepua at gmail dot com


  1. Hey bud, you seem a good lad and if i’m not mistaken an oasis fan? Been to see them and off to see Noel next month. Would be good to hang out sometime, if you’re about and want to know more send me an email mate. Like the site and good luck with it son. Cheers

    1. What’s your email? I’m happy to meet.

      I’m not actually a huge Oasis fan, I just happened to use that Oasis graphic. I like some of their aesthetic and I think Liam was born to sell a clothing range. I always thought he should have been a designer not a singer. His style is on the money.

      People assume I am into them because of my character but the truth is, I’ve never really been into them. I don’t dislike them in any way. I rate their music as well, well below average in terms of musicianship, but decently written sing-a-long pop songs.

  2. Hey mate, fair comment. Always thought liam was a bit of a dick but noel is cool as. I filled my email address to comment. Is there some where else i can send it where you’ll get it? Just don’t want it public here.


  3. Hi Jimmy, It’s really cool that you’re offering free coaching. I would like to register my interest… Email me if you still happy to help out a fellow. Thanks.

  4. Hello Jimmy, started reading the blog and enjoying it. Just enquiring about your training. If you’re in London after your contract in Gloucester, would be cool to do some daygame. Shoot me an email if you’re down.

    1. Not for a while. I am in contract until roughly December then I will be coaching again. And I can’t wait. Just keep your eyes on the blog and I’ll be gloating when the contract ends. I’ll be insufferable in my gloating.

  5. Hi Jimmy,

    I notice you said you’ll be up for doing some coaching come December. I have a small group of 4-5 guys that I regularly go out with in London doing street pickup. We’re all in our early 30’s, have had between 6 months and a couple of years experience and have all seen success to a lesser or greater degree (we’ve all gotten laid at least once) but naturally we all want to improve.

    As such if you’re in London and looking to do a little coaching we’d love to spend some time with you, or alternatively a couple of us are relatively flexible to travel.


  6. Hi Jimmy,

    I read through your blogs and you seem like a cool guy. Do you mind giving free coaching through Skype as I live in Malaysia. I am interested in learning pick up and how you have been financially independent so early in live.

  7. HI Jimmy, thanks for this blog, honest and filled with value. I look forward to the next coaching time in the next year, would be good to hang out with you and hopefully refine my technique: I seem to have stopped improving lately, not sure why that is.

    Thanks and enjoy the end of the year mate

  8. Hey mate, got your contact from Matt in London, went out a few times with him last year. Would love to visit you and see how you work. My email’s in the details. Cheers!

  9. Hi Jimmy

    If you’re in London at any point in the next 2 months I would love to get some coaching. Haven’t done anything in terms of pickup and really looking forward to learn!!

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