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I just want to give a quick coaching update. As I have said, I have been working a contract in Gloucester this last few weeks. It will continue probably until the end of the year, taking me out of the coaching market for a while. However, I am pleased to report that the town I am living in, Cheltenham, has turned out to be quite the goldmine for hot women. I reccied the town this last few weeks and it has the traffic and the quality to make coaching viable.

I noticed it the first Saturday I came in, to buy some underpants, it was a hot day and I’d parked somewhere a bit dodgy so I was in a rush. I noticed the town was actually quite nice, much nicer than nasty old Gloucester, and I spotted a very good looking girl walking among the shops on the high street.

Two weeks later, I went in for a leisurely breakfast and to buy some socks. This time I walked in and took my time to look around. It’s a nice little town and again, I saw quite the few good looking young women. Not European standard but certainly better than Manchester and London. A lot better in my view.

This weekend, one of the old boys called me up and asked what I was up to. He was bored so I suggested he come and visit ol’ JJ. And he did, so we went into Cheltenham and indulged in the inevitable. Once again it was a target rich day. I am happy to report that as a second best, it’s not that bad here.

So, it’s worth throwing open a coaching offer. If anyone can get here for a weekend, find a place to stay (I don’t have a spare room at my digs) then drop me a line and we’ll crank some street game together. Ideally I like to spend a week or more with students because I really don’t think that much can be achieved in two days but, if you’re up for some adventure and a bit of fun, we can work with what we have.

It’s the best pick up coaching offer in the UK at the moment. I am better than any coach on any boot-camp and I am free – but you have to get to Cheltenham.


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