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My blog is quite sedate these days. In a lot of ways I wish I’d been writing my blog in my pickup heyday, it would have been a corker for sure, ten years ago I was out three or four nights a week. Man, I actually used to write field reports on all the various forums. The years have, most certainly, flown by at a breakneck speed.

So anyway, if you get bored of my philosophising and wind-bagging and want to read about some actual game antics and skirt chasery from a genuine bad boy, then you could do a lot worse than check out Suave’s pages as he hops around Brazil bedding everything in a short skirt that looks like it could be a stripper.

Suave is the real deal. He’s a seducer of women. I warn you here, he’s not the warm-hearted, ‘leave them better than you found them’ affable big brother type of guy. He’s a a genuine bad boy lay. Here is just one example of the kind of thing to expect:

‘I have been with over 100 women, but less than 10 became girlfriends. None of the 10 are friends with me now. Not only that – they hate me. Only one is on my Facebook, and that is good for nothing, because she won’t chat to me. As a rule, my newest girlfriends aren’t allowed to friend me on any social network. Today, a new ex-girlfriend tried to hurt me. She called me on my phone, she cried, asked many ‘whys’ and, probably because she got unhappy with the answers, she slyly told me about some plans she has for the future, being some of them of my creation.’ 

The fact that English is not Suave’s mother tongue and so there are the odd grammatical errors here and there just adds to the tone of the blog and makes it better for me.

That’s four RSG who are still active and blogging (if you count our mate John Bodi). Like far flung seeds of those amazing days that have planted and are doing their own thing. There are a lot of pickup blogs and I’m sure some are the real deal, like Irish Does Asia, but I’m sure many are pie in the sky. The RSG name is a promise though. If it’s one of those guys then you can be sure what they say is honest, accurate and really did happen.

One of the things that was great about our crew was that we didn’t realise that most of the pickup crews were first class bullshitters. We believed it, we believed every word of it. We thought the events in ‘The Game’ were 100% true. So like Dumbo with his magic feather, we went out and put in the hours in the devoted certainty that the hours we put into cracking the code for ourselves would result in us getting as good as ‘Style’. As a result, we actually got pretty fucking good.

If ten years ago I’d known so much of the pickup community was pure unadulterated bullshit, I would have not bothered even starting. Thank God I was conned or I’d not have had those Golden years. I believed it and wanted a piece for myself.

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